Donor Engagement Software Built for Public Affairs

Your work is important to so many. Increase donations, and see the impact on your communities.

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Why DonationRocket?

  • Create email and text campaigns
  • Accept donations on your website
  • Gain insights on your donors

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Product Features

Donor Database

Keep track of the financial contributions of your supporters in our easy-to-navigate database. Find actionable data on your top donors and passive allies to reach out accordingly.

Email & Text Campaigns

Make sure your donation requests are reaching your supporters. Use email or text messaging campaigns to vary your outreach and improve results.

Embeddable Widget

Simplify the collection process by providing your donors with a digital donation form. This tool is placed directly on your website—no redirects or third-party portals.

Flexible Payment Options

Your donors like options just as much as you do. Accepted payment options include ACH and credit card, with no additional fee for Amex.

Secure Processing

DonationRocket is a PCI compliant payment processing gateway. The tool uses industry-leading security and encryption to keep your donor transactions safe.

Statistics & Insights

Analytics and reports on your donations are compiled automatically, giving you a clear understanding of donor activity and history.

Workflow Automation with Hub

  • Connect all products across the
    suite to form one unified workflow
  • Add information once and use it to
    complete countless unique goals
  • Finish tasks automatically with data
    triggers (if this… then do that)

Donor Engagement with DonationRocket

Create email and text outreach campaigns to communicate with your donors.

Vary your outreach approach with DonationRocket. Email and text messaging options are available to reach your donors by their preferred method. Diversify your communication to increase your engagement rates.

Accept donations on your website, plus display a progress bar toward your goal.

You and your donors are in this together. Share progress toward your funding goals, so your donors know when to make the final push and when there’s still work to be done. The progress bar updates as soon as a donation is made, showing the impact of every donation.

Gain insights on your donors to know when and how to reach them.

Know your donors. The platform automatically stores records of your donor habits, such as campaign read rates, donation frequencies, and amounts. Use this data to build more targeted campaigns, so you’re always reaching out to the right people at the right time.



Join products together.
Maximize your impact.

PolicyEngage is a suite of products for government and regulatory affairs, communications, grassroots advocacy, and fundraising. Join products together to experience the full power of the suite.


Manage Your Contacts

You have a lot going on. Stay on top of your important relationships, and continue to expand your network.

  • Email, call, or tweet legislators
  • Create email & text campaigns
  • Log all interactions in one place
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Track Legislation

Policy impacts us all. Know what state and federal legislation is being considered on your key issues.

  • Track state & federal bills
  • Create automated reports
  • Display legislation on your site
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Monitor Media

Media is everywhere. Filter out the noise, and know when sources are reporting on your key issues.

  • Receive breaking news alerts
  • Monitor traditional & social
  • Access up-to-the-minute clips
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Engage Your Advocates

You and your advocates are a force to be reckoned with. Contact your legislators, and make an impact.

  • Create email & text campaigns
  • Connect advocates & legislators
  • Gain insights on your advocates
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Track Regulations

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Implementation is key. Know what federal regulations are being considered on your key issues.

  • Track federal regulations
  • Create automated reports
  • Display regulations on your site

Experience the Power of Intelligent Data and Automation.

Combine data acquisition with correlative analysis to produce actionable insights that achieve your policy goals. Connect legislative, regulatory, and media information to empower, automate, and improve the efficacy of your government affairs, grassroots advocacy, and direct action efforts.

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